The Spitfires


The Spitfires were originally formed in 2009 from a group of musicians that attended the weekly jam session at the Eagle Tavern in Prestwick. For many years the band were the house band at the Eagle playing the occasional gig at other venues. Throughout the years the lineup changed as musicians moved on and joined other bands.

On September weekend 2010 the Spitfires came to the island and played three successful dates. Ten years later the Spitfires are back on the island for a reunion gig. Included in the lineup are original members Jim (Mad Max) Davidson on vocals, Bill Briceland on bass, Ron Easy on guitar and Michael Carroll on drums. Joining the lineup for the festival are Paul McCluskey from the Penetrations on guitar and Dougie Smith from Badstone on vocals. A band not to be missed belting out some classic rock, R&B and rock n’ roll.