The Ennd

The EnndThe ENND is a distinctive sounding Glasgow quintet influenced by funk, blues, soul and rock.

The band, who perform all original music with a couple of tasty soul-funk covers thrown in to the set for good measure, were formed in 2019 by keyboardist David Cowan, who then selected some of the best musicians on the circuit to build the band around.


David, who started playing when he was very young, is a successful musician with regular session work and a mainstay of the Sensational Alex Harvey Experience, the UK’s premier SAHB homage and one of the best tribute acts in Scotland.
He has also been involved with several other bands, played with two former members of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, featured on the Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs album released in 2018 and is now completing work on a solo album.

David’s influences include Stevie Wonder, Hugh McKenna, Jon Lord and Steve Porcaro.


Guitarist Emanuele Pasquino is another who has been playing from a very young age.
Emanuele, who studied music at Cesi Marciano Academy and played in the Academy orchestra, has worked as a session player at Genera Records and toured with various different artists and bands around Europe.

His influences include Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Pass and Albert King.


Nelson McFarlane is an experienced bass player previously involved in recordings released by metal outfits in Edinburgh (Holocaust/Hologram) and many other bands in a variety of genres.
Like David, Nelson was also involved in the Sin Dogs album and has played at many festivals and venues throughout Europe. He is also currently involved the Sensational Alex Harvey Experience and jazz fusion quartet, Oscar Cordoba.

His influences include Cliff Williams, Stanley Clarke, Gary Thain and Michael League.


Dimitris Skouras began his musical journey at the age of only 6 when he studied percussion in a national conservatory; by the age of 17 he was performing as a professional drummer.
He has since been involved in many projects in different genres, from pop and rock to prog-rock, neo soul and heavy metal (Marianna Seas, No Brain Cell, M.A.N.T.I and Jessica’s Theme Band to name but four).
Dimitris’ influences include Herbie Hancock, Avishai Cohen, Soundgarden and Porcupine Tree.


Nicola Taylor is a singer-songwriter-solo artist and now lead singer of The ENND; she is also committed to her own, original music and will be releasing some solo material soon.
A very capable vocalist who can diversify style-wise (she grew up listening to the likes of Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Diana Ross and Barry White), her passion lies within the genres of soul, RnB and jazz.

Citing influences such as Jill Scott, Joss Stone, Erykah Badu, Allen Stone and drawn to sassy vocalists with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi,’ Nicola has studied the vocal traits of her influences whilst developing her own individual and confident style.