JoanovarcExploding onto the international music scene in early 2015 with the acclaimed singles ‘Live Rock ’n’ Roll’ and ‘White Trash,’ followed by debut album ‘Ride Of Your Life’ a year later, JOANovARC’s status as the new “‘queens of rock” is about to rise even higher with their self-titled second album.

‘Ride Of Your Life’ was a bright, brash and melodically vibrant mix of hard riff-driven rock, brit-pop and melodically charged hooks from the female rock quartet but the JOANovARC album is a step-up; a top-notch contemporary rock offering with a splash of old school and a smattering of alt-rock for good measure.

Not that the band - sisters Sam (lead vocals, bass guitar) and Shelley Walker (lead guitar, backing vocals), Laura Ozholl (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Debbie Wildish (drums) – have posted their melodic pop sensibilities missing on the new album.
Lighter JOANovARC moments include the heavy pop meets rock of ‘Try It On,’ the radio friendly and southern country rock affected ‘Jane’ and the acoustic based ‘Go Home.’
A number of critics and reviewers have made mention of the traceable JOANovARC rock lineage back to Rock Goddess and Girlschool; in terms of musicianship and sibling relationship you could also cite a musically free-spirited, doing-it-for-the-girls link that hearkens further back to Fanny, the American all-girl band of the 70s.
More importantly, through releases such as ‘Ride Of Your Life’ and the even more impressive ‘JOANovARC,’ this is a band flying their own musical banner high.

“A pleasure to work with in the studio, great musicians and one of the most hard working bands I know.”
Gil Norton, Grammy-winning producer (Foo Fighters)

“Best live band that I have seen in a long time!”
Stuart Epps, Record producer for Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Elton John and Robbie Williams.

“Sounds wicked! I really have a thing for JOANovARC!”
Annie Nightingale, BBC Radio 1

“These girls can shred!”
Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden