The Cinelli Brothers

Italian brothers Alessandro and Marco Cinelli remember, as youngsters, listening to records their music loving father would spin and dancing to the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan before they even knew what his face looked like!
Budding musicians both, Marco left Italy to live abroad and four years later so did Alessandro; the brothers reunited in London in 2015 to play every now and then and permanently from 2017.
Joining forces with impressive bass player Enzo Strano the trio (Marco - guitars, vocals; Alessandro -drums) started to play everything from Muddy Waters, BB King and Elmore James to Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway; shuffles and blues to jazz and soul.
Adding Rollo Markee on harmonica and fellow countryman Alberto Manuzzi on second guitar & keyboards, the band decided to write some songs and record an album the old fashioned way - all analogue and live-in-the-studio (“We wanted to have something that sounded like the records dad used to spin - a great blues record!”)
The 2018 debut album Babe Please Set Your Alarm had the desired effect – people started buying it at the band’s shows, songs were being played on David ‘Kid’ Jensen’s radio show (while also naming them as his favourite blues outfit) and critiques made their way on to many album-reviewing blogs.
Upon release of the album live music bar owners, festival programmers, bookers and music lovers from various parts of Europe started contacting the Cinelli Brothers to have them play their venue of festival.

Releasing an album to such positive effect was extremely gratifying but for the band, now fully formed around Marco, Allesandro, Enzo and Tom Julian Jones (blues harp and guitars) it’s about having fun on stage and playing some dirty, gritty rhythm ’n’ blues.
The live performance can also vary dependant on audience and blues mood of the band – there might be a thirty minute medley or a psychedelic rock moment or thee; they can also get funky.
“We love to step on the footprints of our heroes, but we love to be ourselves doing it. The result is always unique, fresh, and true.”