Andrew Robert Eustace Band

Andrew Robert Eustace BandThere’s a country blues, Mississippi Delta and bluegrass air about the songwriting style of big-voiced Scottish blues singer and guitarist Andrew Robert Eustace.

He’s also a musician who can command quite the presence in both full electric band and solo acoustic formats, the latter taking front and centre acoustic stage with songs like 'The Man' and 'Broken Down and Beat' (from 2017 debut album 'Stories'), or when delivering vibrant acoustic covers such as 'Crossroads.'

Additionally, Andrew Robert Eustace’s genuine passion for those authentic blues genres puts him an album cut or five above the pastiche or “in homage to the style norm,” proven by the quality of new songs such as 'Blues Kind' and 'Don't Cry One Tear,' both of which which will feature on second album ‘Different Sides’ (an apt title, given it offers up both full band and acoustic numbers).