The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience

The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience is the UK’s No. 1 tribute to the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
The group has been touring extensively over the past few years (including prestigious gigs at the 02 ABC in Glasgow, the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh and their annual SAHB ROCK charity gigs) and with new guitarist Brian Cartwright in the ranks have gone from strength to strength.
At any SAHE gig you will hear all the best-known SAHB songs, the hits and a few surprises and deeper cuts as well. The band also embrace the theatrics of the original SAHB from Andy Massie’s Alex Harvey persona to Brian cartwright’s Zal costumery (and even the famous Delilah dance!) but then they are, first and foremost, SAHB fans themselves.
Alex Harvey Jr has been quoted as saying “My dad would have approved” and the band has been described by Zal Cleminson as “the best SAHB tribute band by far.”
In an interesting twist of musical fate members of SAHE were also in Zal Cleminson’s /Sin Dogs/, releasing an album entitled Vol.1 in 2018 to critical acclaim whilst also touring extensively in the UK and Europe.
SAHE has previously toured venues in the North of England and will be returning to there in 2020 to continue to spread the SAHB & SAHE word.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience:
Andy Massie – lead vocals
Brian Cartwright – guitar
David Cowan – keys
John MacAvoy – drums
Nelson McFarlane - bass
Vambo, SAHB and SAHE Rool, OK?