Black King Cobra

Black King CobraThe name Black King Cobra might give the impression of venomous amps to 11 rock but the band, led by engaging front man Callum Moran are a groove rock outfit who put the emphasis firmly on the word groove plus a whole dose of funk and a prevalence for double-time, big crescendo of sound finishes. The infectious beat and hooky melody of “Wrack n’ Ruin” (which features on the band’s self titled 2 track EP) ticks all those musical boxes. With gigs at Nice N' Sleazy, WildFire Festival, The Hard Rock Cafe, O2 ABC Glasgow, Winter Storm Festival, Dreadnought Rock & a sold out headline show at King Tuts under their belt – along with their latest EP, "Law of Attraction". There are exciting prospects for the band ahead – a solidly grooved future for Black King Cobra.
“Some bands need a hype machine behind them to get noticed. The special ones don’t need the hype, the music does the talking. Black King Cobra’s music is both natural and fresh and as a band they have a humility that ensures ambition and ego don’t get in the way of the obvious and real pleasure they get from just creating and sharing great music.
There's a sense of renaissance to the underlying spirit of Black King Cobra - perhaps starting a band as a 'last chance saloon' actually can work in a band's favour. Their music is alive, you feel they are really enjoying every milestone and from what I have experienced with radio, reaction to their music is effortless, positive and pretty immediate.
… but the essence to take from this band is the music is visceral and alive, as great rock and roll should be. Clearly a band to see live, Black King Cobra remind us that rock music above anything else should be fun.” - Guy Bellamy (Great Music Stories/Guy Bellamy’s Rock Show)

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