Blues Deluxe

Blues DeluxRecording artists Angela Higney (BMG/EMI) and Pete Parisetti (Contrasto Records) join legendary Glasgow singer and guitarist Al Fleming and bass player Tim Clarke producing an infectious mix of blues classics and more modern, jazz-influenced numbers.  Over the last couple of years, Blues Deluxe has performed extensively in blues clubs and festivals throughout Scotland, gaining acclaim for their refined musicianship, a carefully selected repertoires and, perhaps especially, for their signature sound featuring electric guitars but no drums.
With their own smooth jazz compositions, Pete and Angela have sold over 200,000 CDs worldwide and have performed well over 2,000 professional gigs with a variety of musical projects. Pete has also toured with major Brazilian artists and played alongside legends such as R&B drummer and band leader Vic Pitts and the sadly departed Gospel queen Lavelle. Besides her recording career, Angela has performed in a number of European countries as well as in Central and South-East Asia.  Al Fleming, who shares with Angela the role of vocal frontman, is one of the best known and instantly recognisable artists on the Glasgow scene. His own achievements and collaborations are too many to mention, except perhaps being the frontman for the Statesboro Blues Band which has been hosting – for a stunning uninterrupted 22 years – the longest running regular blues jam in the UK.  Tim Clarke, also a member of the same band, has played with everybody who’s anybody in Scotland, including a recent, long stint with the fabulous Charlotte Marshall’s 45s.