PreacherPreacher are an Ayrshire and Glasgow based eight-piece melodic progressive band who have been making quite a name for themselves thanks to their regular touring schedule and festival appearances. Their flawless live shows are performed before stunning visual backdrops and light shows which create an almost hypnotic experience reminiscent of Pink Floyd at their height.

The band’s critically acclaimed debut 2013 album Signals, which was showcased at the now sadly fire damaged 02 ABC Glasgow (they were the first unsigned band to headline the large capacity venue) was a strong, semi-conceptual start to their recorded career – the title track and ‘Destiny’ were also used by a couple of broadcasting companies, including the UK's Channel 5.
The album received a remastered re-release via IME Records in 2015.

Follow up Aftermath, also showcased at the 02 ABC Glasgow, was an even stronger offering. The band's second album is a confident and contemporary piece of progressive melodic rock that nods to the band’s Floydian and Bowie influences.

Preacher will close out the Arran Rock ‘N’ Beer festival with an atmospheric evening of melodic prog. featuring tracks from both Signals and Aftermath.


Preacher can truly be considered as one of the best original prog bands in the UK today.